Sunday, January 16, 2011

Taipei Performing Arts Center | NL Architects

The Performing Arts Center isto serve a variety of large-scale performances, including dramas and operas. The structure will contain three theartes: a 1500-seat Grand Theater, and two 800-sear theatres for repertory performances.

The dichtotomy between high and low culture is disappearing. But can we crate an enviroment that is inspiring for everyone? Is it possible to be elitist and populist at the same time? How can we envision a truly Public building?
The Taipei Performing Arts Center aspires to become accessible for everybody. The public character of the Center is guaranteed by the elevation of a substantial part of its program, creating a public square underneath it. As such the square fundamentally becomes part of the building: it is included inside it.
The block measures 110 x 80 x 64 meters. it could be considered a 'table': Four 'legs' suport a 'tabletop' that accommodates 3 stories. Inside you'll find an elevated fragment of a city, a public 'browsing space' in the sky. This will be the domain for cultural facilities: the multi media library, music stores, galleries, lobbies, bars, restaurants and cluobs.
Balconies and terraces with different programs activate the  space. Sometimes they are open and public; sometimes exclusive or intimate. Ticketable, VIP or Free. Swimming pool, skate area, public green, play ground, hotel garden, breakfast café, hopefully attracting many different target groups. The audience can take center stage.
With every step you take this urban cavity changes shape. The structure could be understood as a Proscenium Arch in 4 directions, framing city life in many ways.

Via nl architects


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