Sunday, January 16, 2011

Car Park Puerta America Hotel | Teresa Sapey

5-Star Hotel Puerta America is a celebration of avant-garde interior design and architecture, it brings together 19 of the world's finest designers. Each of the 12 floors bears the imprint of a different talent and measures 1300 m2. The only constraint was each had to contain 28 rooms and 2 junior suites. The external structure, a fairly standard rectangular tower block, is developed by SGA Studio. John Pawson for common areas and Jean Nouvel designed the cladding on the facade and the 12th floor. Teresa Sapey designed the interior of the car park. When asked about her commission (the design of the car park), she observes that she has always been drawn to hideaways and thinks that car parks harbour this element of the unknown. For Sapey, it is the ideal place to reinvent space and play with lighting to create a different atmosphere to that of the sordid and grey places that car parks are more often than not.


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