Tuesday, January 11, 2011

School of Arts | Tetrarc Architects

Place : Ville de Saint Herblain (44)
Architects : TETRARC Surface :
Surface: 4 457 m²
Cost : 8,3 M€ 
Calendar : Study : 2006 - 2007 / Realisation : 2008 - 2009

Against a white and glass canvas the balanced swirl of color adds just enough interest for a unique entrance space. The lobby space houses ticketing booths, lounge, and an area for evening of artistic representation.

A glowing shell surrounded, at a respectful distance, establishing autonomous entities to plan some sort of content explosion, while in a compact form elevation seems to rest on thin glass ripples: away and unite, stay away and aggregate 

The paradox is only apparent. It is due to program requirements. Themselves linked to the activities of different entities (platforms) previously separate and assembled here for better working conditions, reception, transmission of knowledge and a greater presence in the vast territory of a suburban town. 

Therefore a central form. Even if we look more closely, two: a closed shell on itself, and offset, a patio open to the sky. Music, Dance, Theater in the first. Exhibits on the second. Two outcomes of practice, two goals or dreamed envy of all artistic practices developed here. Shell surrounded by a separate internal street. A street which, like the concrete constituting the vaulted room, isolated noise nuisance protects neighboring platforms, in fact all other platforms. Isolation as soundproofing. 

A sort of quarantine space that does not deprive the auditorium with a direct connection with the lobby, ticketing, bar open evenings of artistic representation, the interior street itself connected to the inputs side, with the exception of instruments in the room of percussion and the rehearsal hall of the School of Music. Under visual control of the commissioner. Close to the docks for delivery of equipment and instruments. 

© Within the School of Arts a red conch as a beating heart. With around, as many entities as physical platforms. On one or two levels, depending on surfaces that are necessary for the will to contain the program in a relatively limited volume to generate savings and preserve wooded land, led to settle on a base and a higher level. Music and dance theater on the first floor and exhibit space located on the second floor. 
The connection between these two horizontal planes is clearly the highlight of the interior. In an almost amoeba like form, the stairs transport you from the lobby to the exhibition space above.
The intersection between the building and the ground is highlighted by the red ribbon of color enveloping the base of the exterior. A golden perforated skin rests just above allowing natural 
light to penetrate the exhibition space where needed.


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