Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Extension and Gymnasium- Lyceum Bleriot I Christophe Gulizzi Architecte

Call it an extended proposal, a project that is not limited solely to the question of image, a scene, the evocation of the game, the excitement of the effort, the fun to begin with, a reality show visible and immédiate.Tel a "playground" the playground of the gym has become "mesh", the clarity of intention translates into evidence, see and be seen.

The north and south facades are fully glazed, it is a macro-wire mesh, square mesh of 2.62 m side, 44 feet long, 8 feet high, 148 squares of 2.42 m glass sides, 115 tons of steel, sliding bearings, GBE embedded.

But also instill a more secret and unseen reality, which exudes elegance and mystery, fear and eroticism intimately, which draws its inspiration from the desire, the suggestion, the fantasy, is a brutal and archaic metaphorical interpretation, feeling playful, dreamlike feeling, a disorder of the concept, a form of uncertainty of reason, finally, the auxiliary elements of the program, distributed on both sides of the gymnasium, two abutments mineral depict "stage", the sublime, strengthen the urban space, without compromising aesthetics.

It is a project freed without immediate reference plastic, not a container functions, shapes or materials to fashion, but performance technology for aesthetics, tactical dialogue between architect and engineer, a four Four, two, operating.

In this configuration of the space devoted, guaranteeing a meaningful design approach is the establishment of a separate device, process, this composition does not take the place of truth, just away from the Current academic, between reality and appearances.

All photos Copyright Vincent Fillon

via Europaconcorsi

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