Saturday, January 15, 2011

Swiss Museum of Transport | Gigon & Guyer

Won in competition in 1999, Gigon & Guyer has completed the first phase of a major renovation programme at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne. The scheme comprises two elements – an entrance building (Futurcom) and Road Transport Hall – planned around a central open courtyard (Arena).

The entrance building forms a bridge link between the IMAX cinema, Rail Transport Hall and several high-rise buildings on Lidostrasse. Situated on the ground floor is a ticket office, shop and two restaurants. 

The first floor contains exhibition spaces and a new entrance to the planetarium. A conference hall and three meeting rooms are located on the second floor. 

The facades are treated as glass vitrines for the display of wheels, hubs, rims, turbines and cogs. Hung in front of the insulation and behind the vertical glass panels, the densely packed mechanical parts form a shimmering and in parts revolving facade ‘undergarment’.

The Road Transport Hall is modelled on a multistorey car park. However, instead of negotiating the floors via ramps, an automated parking system stacks the collection of classic cars one above the other. Visitors can select cars for closer inspection by simply touching a button. The building also accommodates a workshop where visitors can watch the vehicles being maintained and repaired.

The facades of the largely closed volume comprise a rainscreen of metal road signs. These are intended not only to reference the numerous modes of transport that are directed and regulated by such notices, but also to highlight the many localities that are connected via the road network. 

On the back facade, the signs are reverse mounted with the printed sides facing into the building. The architect explains that the signs are positioned for oncoming traffic, ie visitors arriving from the sides and front of the building, rather than the local residents situated at the rear.

Project team 
Architect: Gigon/Guyer; project team: Annette Gigon, Mike Guyer, Caspar Bresch, Mark Ziörjen, Damien Andenmatten, Gaby Kägi, Gilbert Isermann; structural engineer:
Ragonesi Strobel & Partner; civil engineer: Henauer Gugler; m&e: Wirthensohn;
landscape architect: Schweingruber Zulauf Landschaftsarchitekten; contractor: Karl Steiner; photos: Heinrich Helfenstein.



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