Monday, January 3, 2011

Kunsthaus Zurich Expansion Proposal | AFGH- Andreas Fuhrimann & Gabrielle Hächler Architects

The building has a complex spatial interior, which releases the managed, complex task with architectural means: the interplay between mass and empty space, between tension and relaxation, between light and shadow, between austerity and playfulness between the demarcation and permeability.

The prominent location entrance hall, to be their attractiveness to a popular crowd puller, is an image of a vibrant, culturally active and international reception, city of Zurich. The hall can be used in many ways and should take forum similar function. 
It forms a kind of relay between the city and the museum and encouraged to stroll in the museum and to discover this informally. The visitor can choose the hall faster or slower route (stairs, ramp or elevator) to rise to the art viewing high. 

The museum becomes a toolbox for inspiring change in one sense but also to the workshop, where the harvest of the quiet eye is possible. The extension of the Kunsthaus Zurich,   main urban purpose: to help its needs, along with the old building and the theater the unstable home course to an urban presence, which is now missing. 

Actually it is a pure urban situation because the course is cut through by traffic. Seems more important that the new building to take the place geographically and strengthen its identity and uniform in height and no greater advantage or having recesses . Also important is that the new building not far behind is different, not to weaken the precision of the rectangular space.

Team: Andreas Fuhrimann, Gabrielle Hächler, Hannes Reichel, Carlo Fumarola, Marion Clauss, Gilbert Isermann, Barbara Schaub, Regula Zwicky

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