Sunday, January 2, 2011

One day poem pavilion | Jiyeon Song

Using a complex array of perforations, light passing through the pavilion’s surface produces shifting patterns, which transform into the legible text of a poem.                             
The specific arrangements of the perforations reveal different poems according to the solar calendar: a theme of new-life during the summer solstice. During the summer solstice, the poem will contain the theme of “new life”. During the winter solstice, the poem will be on “reflection and the passing of time.” 
The pavilion is reminiscent of a geodesic dome. When daylight filters through the perforations on the surface, a poem becomes revealed on the ground as a projection. 

The resulting effect is inviting and magical. Within the pavilion, the poem can be seen between 8 AM and 4PM. The poem consists of 5 lines with each line lasting about an hour. The slowness of message offers us a meditative moment within our hectic lives. 

The time-based nature and experience of the Pavilion allow audiences to have unique experience to the individual. It focuses on individual experiences rather than offering the same experience to every visitor. 

From different distances, the audience can read the entire poem at once. Visitors can sit within the Pavilion to have the poem cast on their bodies. In this manner, visitors can have an experience with a word or a letter. Figuratively, the words are falling from the sky and onto their bodies.

When the poem is revealed, the visitors discover that the message is time-based. This realization is an “aha” moment for the visitor. “Important learning can occur during 'aha' moments that may not be possible through other learning techniques. Insights or 'aha' experiences seem particularly suited for the integration of information from different domains. 
Additionally, when a person learns through insight or 'aha' the information is better remembered.” 
(Auble, Franks, & Soraci, 1979)
The One Day Poem Pavilion offers not only individual experiences through a time-based narrative but also provides delightful moments when words are revealed using only natural light and shadow.

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