Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fluoroscape 2006 / SCI-ARC | Neil M. Denari Architects

A display of the Solidity of Light

Artificial light, now more than ever considered to be a building material on par with concrete and steel, is our environment's most malleable medium, capable of being projected, deflected, colorized, and animated, just to name a few ways in which light may be manipulated in a constructed environment. Due to its economy and long life, the exposed fluorescent strip light (FSL), an element used in every supermarket, school cafeteria, and office space across the global landscape, is the most ubiquitous element in this environmental discourse. In this project, there are found new graphic, organizational, and structural possibilities for the fluorescent tube. The 'Fluoroscape©' installation attempts to merge these new possibilities for the FSL into a structure that further elaborates on the atmospheric effects created by a unique arrangement and density of these 4ft white glowing lines. 


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