Monday, January 3, 2011


The project " THE CAMPING EFFECT" is the proposal of KPMN architects for the EUROPAN10 in MORA (SWEDEN), May-June.2009

Compact housing adapted to guests in Mora [Sweden].
Can we from a specific and singular event create a generic type of housing?
The ski race Vasaloppet generates in Mora a brutal abundance of public and skiers. The majority of the persons of the city gain a money extra receiving these "visitors".
From this supposition, the block of housings modifies the typical typology of the city generating a public soil (store and wardrobes during the race and games, market and day-care center during the rest of the year), an intermediate hyperprivate level and an inhabited cover that turns into a camping calefactado to receive visitors during the race and spaces of the housing related to the nature during the rest of the year.

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