Monday, December 27, 2010

ARCHITEXTS- Architectural Comics | Joker&Maverick

Architexts is an almost daily web-based comic created for the amusement of architectural professionals, though we think even those not in the profession might also find our work humorous.
Architexts tells the story of a fictitious mid-sized architectural firm called Franklin + Newbury Architects, Inc. Their experiences are mostly based on real life experiences of architectural professionals. Franklin + Newbury Architects, Inc. is a fairly typical firm. The projects aren’t all that exciting: tenant fit-outs, small commercial renovations, feasibility studies… not much new construction. The lack of exciting design work makes the young production staff jaded and cynical. They struggle with their seemingly mundane jobs and constantly finding ways to amuse themselves to get through each day. They have antipathy for the bosses, who don’t seem motivated to pursue more exciting projects.
The production staff is made up of designers and drafters ranging from recent graduates in their early twenties who still have high expectations for their careers and the profession, to more experienced designers in their mid-thirties who would like to work in a better firm, but feel stuck. Your office may not be like Franklin + Newbury Architects, Inc. but we are sure you will be able to relate to the situations and hijinks that occur.

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